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Tuesday, January 12, 2016


I have decided that I will be merging this blog with another. I have created a brand and I don't want to let Girlwriter go, not yet. Be on the look out my sweets. Changes are coming! In the mean time come check out my website.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Under Construction..

I am working on a few things that I hope to post online soon. I might just do a long post before I leave. Other postings for the two weeks that I am gone will go on my other blog christina writes stuff... until then enjoy my other posts!!! Happy Holidays!!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Title yet to come to me....

It was dark, the wind was cold piercing my skin like tiny needles. I couldn't move, nor could I scream. The pain in my chest was more then I could bare, but the women grimacing above me wouldn't let any relief come no matter how much I begged. The air struggled to fill my lungs, my heart tried so hard to beat. Something was hindering it, making my heart feel as though something heavy was pressing against it.
I closed my eyes for just a moment then felt a shift and more air flourish around me. My tattered dress flapped against my over stretched skin feeling like sand scraping against me. I twisted only to free myself from these women but the pain in my chest seared. I winced, twisting my wet face as I was lowered into the dark waters that was even colder then the air above. I couldn't move my arms, or my legs. I tried to scream again only to have water rushing into my lungs. My chest felt flat, never rising. The feeling of my heart trying to beat began to fade as the light above me began to disappear.
Above the roar of water rushing in my ears I heard the woman chanting, "You chose him over your own kind."

"Anna, wake up!" Robert gentle woke me.
My eyes jolted open. My body was covered in sweat, hair around my face was glued to my skin.
"You were having a nightmare." He kissed my moist forehead, "Are you ok?" he looked at me as though I was some sort of scared child ready to run for the door.
As soon as I was able to think without having to process what was going on around me I nodded my head.
I tried not to panic when he sighed with relief.
"I am sorry." I said softly.
"You have nothing to be sorry about." He kissed my cheek and my forehead again. "Want some water?"
I nodded, suddenly my throat felt dry and rough like I had swallowed sand.
"I'll be right back."
I watched him go. The dream had given me a strange feeling that I didn't want to think about. I had this dream before. It seemed to be worse when my birthday was nearing. Other times of the year I was hardly affected. Robert had just moved in with me and I was sure he was regretting this idea. After all I had managed to keep theses dreams hidden, at one time I had been able to predict if I was going to have the same dream.
I was getting too relaxed I figured. Either that or my subconscious was trying to shake things up a bit.
"Here." He said heading me a glass of water.
I drank a few large gulps before I said, "Thanks, are you going to get ready for work?"
He shook his head. I took another drink while I watched him rub his hand along the back of his neck. "I didn't get much sleep last night."
"Still getting used to sleeping in my bed?" I winked.
He shook his head again. "No, you kept me up with your dreaming. Do you know you fling your arms and legs around while you sleep?"
I swallowed hard as I shook my head.
"You don't do it all the time." He took my hand as though it would help with the embarrassment I felt from his revelation. "It's alright, we just need to get used to living together." He smiled my favorite crooked smile.
I nodded but I still felt nervous so I quickly took another drink of water.
"I'm gonna take a shower maybe it will relax me, when I get out perhaps we should get some breakfast."
"As long as we get some coffee." I smiled.
He smiled back, the corners of his eyes crinkled. "I love you!" he said.

Monday, October 14, 2013


In the morning Laurie made herself run a few blocks, one to really wear herself out and two to keep her from having any incidents such as last night. She found in college if she exercised she managed to not have glowing hands, so she jogged and became extremely fit because of it. She had often thought about playing sports in school but that meant getting to know someone and she was afraid of that. It wasn’t as though Laurie didn’t want friends, she was just afraid they wouldn’t be her friend for long. Especially after they found out what she did her senior year of high school, no she wasn’t going to think about it.
As she rounded a corner to head back home she pulled her ear buds from her ears noticing John’s black Land Rover sitting in front of her house. She wanted to slap her palm against her forehead, how had she forgotten he said he would come by early to take her to her car back at the school.
“Hey.” She breathed heavily as she approached him.
She watched his breath fog in front of his mouth lingering for a moment before it faded into nothing. The corners of his mouth curled up into a smile once she stood was in front of him, not in a threatening manner more in a sweet caring way. She wanted more than anything to close her eyes and just focus on that smile. It was the kind of smile that men gave girls they had feelings for, or so she imagined. Laurie had seen a boys give girls that smile right before they kissed. With a heavy sign and a silent wish that she was normal, Laurie returned a small smile to John.
“You ready?” he asked.
Laurie’s smile almost faded but his smile was just as it was when she approached her. His violet eyes were locked with hers as she stood there almost dumbfounded.
“Laurie?” he said breaking her away from her little fantasy.
“I’m sorry, I um..yeah let me just grab a bottled water.” She shyly pushed a lock of loose hair from her pony tail behind her ear.
She headed inside her house, her breath had escaped her she hadn’t realized she was holding her breath while she was talking to John. She didn’t realize either that her heart was pounding harder than when she was jogging.
After she grabbed her bottle of water she locked up and joined John in his car. Inside it smelled strongly like lavender and vanilla, two of Laurie’s favorite scents. It was odd how refreshing and homey it felt just being in his car. Laurie watched the landscape outside pass by as he drove what seemed like too fast to her liking but she wasn’t worried. She managed to take a few deep breaths and felt relieved her hands didn’t turn bright orange burning off her gloves.
“You like jogging?” he asked breaking the pleasant silence.
She nodded. “I do, it is refreshing.” She smiled.
Laurie watched John turn the steering wheel as he made a right turn on to a small alley like cobblestone road. The car vibrated from the under uneven road, which was a little funny how it tickled her skin.
“What do you like most about jogging?” he asked once again breaking her from her thoughts.
Laurie bit her bottom lip giving this question a good thought. There were many reasons why she loved to run; often she compared it to flying. Which she loved, she loved to fly and whished like crazy that she could spread her arms out and glide through the sky.
“I like the freedom of it, the way the wind whooshes passed you as you speed through the air.” She finally answered.
“I like running too.” He smiled pulling into a parking space near a cafĂ©.
“This isn’t the parking lot at the school.”
“I know.” He flashed the same smile he had when she first saw him at her house.
“I’m not hungry.” 
John sucked his teeth in disappointment shaking his head further demonstrating how disappointed he was. Laurie began feel a little nervous but it was a nervous she had felt before and that was anticipation. Being with a man, one whom she had several conversations with and shared a likeness for history. She didn’t know how to carry on conversations with him outside of work, she wasn’t sure what questions were permitted to ask and which ones would be considered too much. Laurie watched the people outside the car window drinking their small cups of coffee sitting at round metal tables. There were waiters wearing white button up shirts and black slacks running around in multiple directions placing drinks and food in front of those sitting at these small tables. Seeping through the window of the car was the soft fragrance of ground coffee beans, she like that smell even if she didn’t like coffee and in that instant she wanted a tea.
“I suppose a cup of tea wouldn’t hurt.” She smiled turning her head back to John.
“Good.” He smiled back.
Laurie reached to open the door, not noticing he had managed to get out of his seat belt and open her door before she could unhook her own seat belt. Embarrassed she looked up into his violet eyes and felt her hands starting to warm. The smell of burnt fabric began to fill the air, and Laurie was afraid. She wanted to look down but she couldn’t she had to make sure that John’s eyes didn’t notice her hands were either turning orange or glowing white.

In an instant she saw that his smile fell, he must have seen the fear in her eyes. His own eyes darted to her hands following her direction to her lap. 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Rocker

When Jenna finally arrived at the tea shop “Mary’s” just around the corner from her apartment, she found Derek with his nose deep in a newspaper. He wasn’t wearing anything to hide his face, a thin scarf draped his neck and he wore a fitted long sleeve shirt that showed all of his muscles. Girls sitting next to him were pointing and taking pictures like sick perverts. Jenna was glad she opted for the large sunglasses and the baseball hat. One would have though she was hiding from the paparazzi not Derek.  She approached his table while darting her eyes around her, the streets looked pretty empty. This time of day, in this part of New York, things were normally busy. Stay at home moms were rushing around to get their nails and hair done. College students would be rushing to their jobs, office professionals fighting through the thick of people to get lunch. One would think today was a holiday and every decided to stay indoors.
“Bout bloody time you got here.” Derek flashing his million dollar smile.
Sadly, Jenna felt her knees becoming weak.
“I was looking for something to wear.” She sat down in front of him noticing he had ordered her a cup of tea. With a quick sniff she discovered it was a chai tea. “You remembered my tea.” She beamed.
He smiled back, then leaned to the side so to wave at whoever was behind Jenna. Afraid of what she might see she didn’t turn around.
“Are you alright? You look like you’re going to be sick?” he said after returning his attention back to her.
Jenna nodded, her head was now throbbing once again. The last thing she wanted was to end up in a magazine apart of some kind of gossip. The worst of that would be Kyle would see the magazine while checking out in a grocery store. He would believe she was hiding something from him. Especially, since she had missed so many of his calls. Before Derek squirmed his way in her life, she always made herself available to Kyle.  Since meeting Derek she was doing things she hadn’t done since college.
Drinking all night on the weekends, then eating things that would give anyone over the age of twenty five heart burn. This wasn’t who she was and she was only doing it because she was lonely. Derek was not the kind of man she could rely on, he was a semi good friend at the most but that was as far as he would ever go.
“I think I should head back home.” She finally said after taking a few deep breaths.
Derek’s face crumbled into a look of rejection. He even stuck out his lower lip.
“I am sorry about last night.” He said reaching out for her hand. “I don’t think that will happen again.” he actually looked sorry as he spoke.
“I just think become friends with you is not respectful to Kyle.” She admitted.
Derek nodded. “I’m just a friend.”
“Yes.” Though as she said it the words felt funny on her tongue.
“I promise that we will not do anything that stupid again. I need you Jenna.” He reached out to grab her other hand, and she gave it to him if only to feel his warmth.
“You shouldn’t need me.” she said softly.
“But I do. In this short amount of time that we have gotten to know one another you have become so special. You don’t want anything from me but the truth and well me.” he shrugged. 
Jenna gave a small smile, “I guess I should have made it clear I only want your money.”
Both began laughing, Derek the hardest.
“So can I take you to lunch?” he asked, his British accent sounding sweet and thick.
Jenna bit her bottom lip. All the hope that Derek could muster showed in his face and it made her want to grab him by the cheeks and kiss him deeply. Not knowing where that feeling came from she offered him a small smile then nodded her head. “Some place private.” She said.
Deep in her pocket her cell phone began to violently vibrate. As she stood up from her iron chair she peeked quickly to see that it was Kyle calling. Not seeing the harm she answered the phone while Derek hailed a cab.
“We need to talk.” He said after small talk had been made.
Derek flashed Jenna a smile that she returned, and just before she made her way into the cab she said. “I’ll have to call you back.” 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Start of something new

The beach felt cold and lifeless. The sand underneath me was wet and my jeans were soaking up the water. They now felt heavy and stuck to the skin of my legs. I was sitting on this very beach in Monterrey wondering if he would be okay with me leaving. I had to get away from this place, and I told myself he would understand. Seattle was more than just a fresh start it was a place where the past wouldn’t continue to haunt me. My brother had assured me no one there knew of the murder. I would be just another face in the crowd.
I stood up feeling as though the world was crushing against me just like the blue waves curling over each other as they pushed against the sand. I had enough with feeling alone, and that was all this place did. The sound of the sea gulls above were unnerving, setting my teeth on edge. Even the smell of salt and stale water was frustrating.
I scooped up my purse from the ground and headed back to the gravel leading me to the taxi I asked to wait. He looked at me strange, with his eyebrows pressed together while his eyes traveled down the length of my body. I ran my hands down the front of my jeans and stopped my feet shaking off the excess sand. The flight to Seattle was already going to be uncomfortable, now I had to endure it with soggy jeans and sand in every crease.
I gave him a reassuring smile then got into the back. My lonely carry-on sat beside me, the rest of my personal belongings were waiting for me at my new apartment in Seattle. I had sent the rest of Paul’s things to his parents in New Orleans. It was the least I could do, and it was the best thing I could do for myself.
I watched the city pass me by as we speed down the street and hoped on the freeway. I knew Paul’s parents wanted nothing to do with me. They blamed me for his death, and I have to say so did I. My therapist told me to think otherwise, but we all knew. I had asked him to come get me during a girl’s night out. I was the one who asked him to help me find my phone after dropping it in a puddle on the street.
“Where are you flying to?” the taxi driver asked breaking me out of my dark thoughts.
“I am heading to Washington.” I smiled.
He nodded his head pretending to care about me and my life. He continued making small talk about things I really didn’t give a damn about. I only wondered if he had recognized me and if he was going to ask me the question.
“So here we are.” He said opening his driver side door.
I looked to the meter, I owed him about fifty dollars. I handed him a crisp hundred maybe that would be enough to keep him from asking me anything.
“Do you need any help?” he asked helping me get out of the car.
I shook my head, giving my body a pat down to make sure I didn’t lose anything. I quickly glanced into the back seat then grabbed the handle of my luggage once I was satisfied.
“Thanks so much.” I smiled.

As quickly as I could I headed into the airport and made my way to the gate. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Brandon and Laurie

The water was amazingly calm as they drifted deeper into the ocean's middle. Laurie watched the sun slip from the sky and dip into the horizon. Brandon helped the priest and his friend into a boat so they could head back to shore. He returned to her with a bright smile.
‘Wife.’ He smiled kissing her cheek.
‘It is so beautiful out here.’ She whispered.
‘It is.’ She could feel his breath against her neck. ‘Brandon how do you feel?’
‘Amazing. How do you feel?’
‘I don’t know I am still trying to process all of this.’
‘You love me?’ he gave her a lop sided smile.
‘I do.’
‘Then we will figure out the rest.’ He kissed her cheek again. ‘Hungry?’
She nodded giving him her head as he helped her to the cabin below deck. Her dress was fitted perfectly to her body. She was glad she went with a simple A-line dress instead of a ball gown. The boat was a good size enough for nine people but she was afraid the dress would have been a death trap. The look on Brandon’s face when she appeared in front of him wearing the dress for the first time was breath taking. He couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. While they exchanged vows she melted into his arms solidifying her feelings of making the right choice.
‘Ok, I have some tea sandwiches.’ He frowned. ‘Don’t know what the lady thought I wanted with those.’ He laughed. ‘We have some oysters.’ He wagged his eyebrows. She was glad that he had opted for a simple button up shirt, rolled up the sleeves and completely it with some simple slacks. He was so painfully handsome and he was her husband.
‘What?’ he was staring at her with wondering eyes.
‘You’re my husband.’ She giggled.
‘I am Mrs. McDavis .’ He left the food behind pulling her into his arms. He was forceful as she kissed her. She was elated. ‘Food or something else?’ he breathed against her neck.
‘Tough call.’ she giggled. ‘How hungry are you?’
‘Not very.’  
‘Something else it is then.’ She laughed as he threw her over his shoulders throwing her gently on the soft bed.

The morning was perfect. Seagulls floated in the air like they were being held by a puppeteers string. The water waved back and forth licking the side of the boat. The day made Laurie feel so brand new. She gazed down at her large four caret ring thinking it was perfect. Too big but it was perfect. Brandon had gotten her a matching diamond wedding band that settled closer to her hand then the engagement ring. She giggled to herself. The had known each other for four days and she was more happy now then she could ever remember.
‘Babe?’ Brandon called from below.
‘Up here.’ She yelled keeping herself firmly planted on the lounge chair.
He sauntered on deck till he found her. His expression was playful. ‘What are you doing?’
‘Getting ready to get in.’ she smiled.
‘I got that from your bikini.’ He smirked. ‘What else did you sneak on this boat?’ he laughed.
Last night when he pulled off her wedding dress he revealed her wedding present. She managed to get a hold of Maggie who helped her get something dangerously seductive for her wedding night. The corset was perfect with the thigh highs and garter belt. Brandon was like a kid in a candy story taking each layer off gently and painfully slow.
‘You’re blushing.’ He laughed.
‘I was thinking about last night.’ She giggled.’
Oh yes last night.’ He turned his head but she could see the smile that formed on his lips. ‘Some wedding present.’ He laughed.
‘I didn’t know what to get you.’ she giggled. ‘I didn’t have time.’
‘I got you something.’
‘What?’ she laughed. ‘How? I would like to know what resources you used unfairly!’ she laughed.
‘The same resources now available to you.’ he kissed the side of her face and disappeared below deck.
She swallowed back a laugh as she played through his words in her mind. Crap! There wasn’t a prenuptial! If something happened between them she was entitled to half of everything he owned.
‘Oh my god!’ she said a little too loud for her own good.
‘Realized you were a billionaire?’ he chuckled from behind her.
She turned to him noticing he was holding a box and a body of sunblock.
‘Turn around so I can put this on you  I don’t want you to burn.’ He lovingly scolded. She did what she was told. ‘Here baby I hope you like it.’ He reached around handing her the navy colored box.
She heard the bottle of sunscreen protest as he squeezed some cream on to his hand. A moment later she felt the coolness of the cream gliding along her warm skin. His touch was soothing and tender. She loved his hands on her.
‘Open it.’ He laughed against her throat.
Slowly she pulled the ribbon off and lifted the lid. Pasted the tissue paper she saw a picture of a kindle. She laughed showing him the picture. ‘It’s at home.’ He answered her unspoken question. ‘I wanted to get you something that I thought you would love. I know you like to read so I figured why not something that gives you an endless amount of books.’ He beamed.
‘Thank you Brandon I love it!’ she kissed his lips gently. ‘Good call by the way leaving it at home.’ She giggled. Talking about home with him was an amazing feeling.
‘You going swimming?’ he asked standing up so he could pull his shirt off. Revealing his glorious Greek God physic, this made her lick her lips in excitement. He was hers all hers.
She nodded her head and followed him into the water. They swam a few feet away from the boat laughing and splashing one another. Each time she dove he chased her. Grabbing her ankle and pulling her into him while under the water. She tried not to giggle so she wouldn’t swallow sea water. He suppressed it by kissing her deeply. She had to break the surface to catch her breath. Each time a fit of giggles took over her.
Back on the boat deck he handed her a towel. She was elated that he watched her while she dried off. ‘I am sorry this is all the honeymoon I can give you right now. I promise in a few months we’ll go somewhere amazing.’
She gushed. ‘This is amazing.’
‘You made it amazing!’ he pulled her into his arms showering her with kisses all along her neck and face. ‘I love you Laurie McDavis .’ He laughed as he threw her back into the water. She giggled as she surfaced.
Just before they headed back to the harbor he made love to her. He took his time savoring her. By the time they tide the boat up on the docks the sun had slipped from the sky.
‘Dinner?’ she asked taking his offered hand. He led her into an awaiting car.
‘We have to see my parents tomorrow.’ He said kissing the back of her hand. ‘Or do you want to do it tonight?’
‘We can go tonight and tomorrow we can see my parents.’
‘I like it get it all over with at once.’ He kissed her face.
She continued to giggle as he drove slowly to his parent’s house. As he had told her before they only lived a few blocks away from her. She watched through the dark tinted window as the houses became more elaborate and expensive.
‘I don’t wanna freak you out.’ he laughed looking into his rearview mirror but there are a few things we have to talk about before my mom quizzes us.’ He chuckled.
She rolled her eyes. ‘I don’t think you could freak me out anymore.’
‘I freaked you out with this?’ he held his left hand up.
She took his left hand into hers and kissed the back of it. He kept his attention straight keeping his focus on the traffic. ‘This is the best decision i have ever made. I love you.’
He let out a sigh of relief. ‘She is going to probably accuse you of being pregnant.’
‘I was expecting that one.’ she laughed. 
‘Then they will ask when we are having kids.’
‘Oh, when do you want to have kids? Seven years from now?’
‘Seven? Baby I am thirty four, what are you thirty one?’ she nodded. ‘How about in four years?’
He smiled. ‘Three is perfect.’
‘Ok next question.’
‘She will bring up a prenup.’
Brandon pulled the SUV into the driveway turning the car off. He waited with baited breath while Laurie bit her bottom lip. ‘Why didn’t we have a prenup?’ she asked.
This time Brandon took her hand kissing the back of it. ‘Baby I trust you.’ he smiled. ‘This is forever, I don’t need a piece of paper telling me what you are allowed to have.’
‘It is for your protection.’
‘I know I don’t want to start our marriage off on the wrong note.’ He shrugged.
‘Your money doesn’t matter to me, in fact it scares the shit out of me.’ She giggled uneasily.

Brandon pressed her hand against his lips again. His face was soft showing his feelings. The look in his eyes made her confident that he loved her with all of his heart. Solidifying things for her, she made the right choice. ‘My money doesn’t matter to me either, you matter to me.  You’ll get used to the money.’ He kissed her gently against the lips. ‘Ready?’