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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Along came Harry

Going to London with Gordon was supposed to be fun. He was to take Kate to an Arsenal game and then they were to head out to some restaurant he said she would love. With that in mind, how was it she was standing in front of a very pissed off looking Harry? His dark eyes narrowed as they passed over her then to Gordon. There was nothing Kate wanted to do more then to fold herself up and toss herself in the trash.
The last time she had seen Harry they had gotten into a nasty argument. He was still mad at her for being half naked when his mother came to visit him. She wasn't sure if it was because she had been half naked or for the fact he had to take care of her because she had been drunk.
From the look on his face right now she knew, that just two weeks later, he was still pissed.
"I thought you were in Surrey." he stated, not asked. His tone was thick with his anger and his eyes flashed with the fire she was all to familiar with.
"I thought you were going to work this weekend?" Gordon hissed.
Oh, Harry had been talking to Gordon. Kate wasn't sure they had even known each other. Even with the knowledge that most of the English people she had met who all seemed to know one another. The more she ventured out in Surrey the more she felt England to be a small place. With sweet Gordon and Harry knowing one another England just got suffocating.
"I told mum I wasn't coming to London to see her." Harry snapped.
"Wait mum?" Kate said with her hands pressed against the side of her head.
"Oh don't act as though you didn't know." Harry hissed.
"Oi, don't talk to Kate that way." Gordon chimed it. His small contributing to protecting her did little to dwindling good mood.
"I didn't know you two were brothers!"
Harry shook his head. "If you were so self absorbed you would have figured it out when he ran into me at the market."
"I thought you two were strangers!"
"Oh you would! You walk around Surrey as though you have been there all your life, greeting people like you were old friends. Just like an American taking over everything!" Harry growled pointing a large finger at her.
"I didn't, you." her mouth gaped open and closed like a fish. "Americans do not take over everything you swine!"
"Please you two keep it down everyone is looking at us."
"Shut up!" Kate yelled at the same time Harry yelled, "Shut it!"
"Oi, don't talk to my brother like that." Harry turned his attention back to Kate. She pressed her lips together in order to bite back a few choice words.
"You know what Harry you are the worst!"
He rumbled a throaty laugh at her words. "Is that the best you can do? What happened to you did you go soft?"
She shook her head from side to side feeling defeated and very tired. It was then she noticed Gordon was no longer standing next to her, in fact he was no where to be seen.
"Great!" she slapped her hands against her thighs.
"Gordon left." he stated. "What will you do?" he snorted.
Kate glared at him in what she hoped was her best mean expression. "I'll figure it out, you know why?"
He shook his head. "Because I'm an American and we can make the best out of any situation."
Harry snorted. "You'll be mugged in five minutes."
But Kate chose not to listen to him, she turned on her heel and headed towards the nearest exist. Just as it had been when she arrived the streets of London was swarming with people going in every direction. Cars were honking and passing rapidly in front of her. Across the street she noticed a red box pay phone and a small shopping center. All she needed to do was to find north and then she could find her way to a clearing where she could hail a cab and from there get to her hotel.
As she started to take a step to her left, a strong soft hand grabbed her elbow.
"I have a cab if you want to come with me." Harry said softly.
He didn't look angry anymore, in fact he looked as though he had just accomplished something. Whatever it was Kate didn't care, all she wanted to do was soak in a nice hot bath. So she took his hand and followed him to the awaiting black taxi.