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Monday, March 25, 2013

Alison's Man of Mystery 3:25

Later that morning Alison showed up to the small meeting room with her notebook and grey shoulder bag. Her hair was pulled back into a knot at the base of her nape. She wore a purple Smashing Pumpkins tee shirt with a white scarf and some blue jeans with holes in the knees. She was the first to arrive to the meeting room at a lodge near the bar she and the boys hung out last night.
Her mind was still busy with thoughts of her night with Simon. So much so that she wrote several poems about heartbreak and the need to be with someone but you couldn’t. She wrote about distant love and confusion. Alison then began to write angry poems of choice that ended badly. She had come up with the conclusion that she had no idea what she was doing, but she knew that she had to do it. She had to admit to herself how good it felt to be in Simon’s arms and how good it felt just waking up next to him.
Fred cleared his throat as he came walking into the plain room, Alison lifted her head from her notebook and gave him a warm smile. In turn he winked at her then took the seat next to her, and placed his guitar beside him on the floor. 
“Hey look who is bright an early.” 
“Where is everyone else?” she asked looking around him.
“Oh it’s going to be me you and Chad the rest of them are still sleeping. Lucky bastards have the day off.” Fred laughed.
“Ok Where is Chad?”
Chad was known to be on time, occasionally when he was stoned out of his mind he was late but he was a functioning druggie who always made sure he was where he needed to be. She hadn’t worked with them in a long time but she was sure their work ethic was the same if not more professional. After all they had managed to stay in the business some ten years most like due to  being professional and taking their jobs seriously.
“He is finishing up his yoga, he wasn’t able to sleep well last night.  He mentioned something about running out of meds.”
Fred took a seat next to Alison his fingers were stretched and cracked in front of him. Figuring it was best to start she shoved her notebook to him and began to go over lyrics with him while he strummed along his guitar. Chad arrived a few minutes later with his own guitar taking a seat on the other side of Alison. He pressed his hand against her thigh breaking her attention away from Fred and to him.
“I’m sorry I’m late.”
Alison nodded then added that it was ok, he was attending to his back. He smiled at her then at Fred and then as if he had been there all along he got down to business. In the middle of it all Alison began to smell something familiar but wasn’t sure it was her. She watched Fred and Chad closely so she could sneak a whiff of herself. It was then she noticed she smelled Simon; his smell was on her skin. Nervously she moved away from Chad slowly as to not draw any attention to herself. She silently prayed he wouldn’t notice that she smelled like Simon, after all she didn’t want to hurt him. Even if he was responsible for her heartbreak he still didn’t deserve to be treated like crap. 
Chad noticed and gave her an examining look and this made her feel even more nervous. He shook his head like he was pushing what he was thinking from his head then began to warm up his voice. Once he was done he began to sing some of the words from Alison’s note book in his familiar rustic scratchy voice.  His voice was soothing and sultry at the same time, maddening when he would sing a part just perfect. Fred began to change up the notes on his guitar adding the melody periodically to paper.
Soon Fred and Chad were playing in perfect harmony singing and rapping words that Alison had started and they added.  It was about three hours later when they finally had a song written. Now Chad and Fred went over and over the song trying to figure out the way they really wanted it to sound. How they wanted to make the words come alive and touch the audience. Alison loved this process and sat back to watch while the two of them worked. She wanted to take a picture of this moment and remember it for as long as she could, but her stomach had other plans. 
“I am hungry. “she announced running her hand along the front of her stomach.
Chad laughed slightly as he ran his hand down the length of her back. Fred excused himself claiming he had a girl in his room waiting for him. Alison watched him as he hurried out the meeting room; she tried very hard not to laugh. Especially when he almost tripped over his own feet as he did.
“Do you mind if we head back to my room so I can drop this off?” he asked pointing to his guitar.
“Not at all.” Alison grabbed her things and shoved them back into her grey shoulder bag, Chad watched then led her out of the room when she was done.
They walked along the narrow sidewalk talking about the song they had just worked on and how excited they both were to be heading out to North Carolina, the next stop on their tour. Alison’s stomach made a loud noise which sent both of them into a fit of laughter.
They arrived at his hotel room a moment later. Alison watched while he placed the guitar back into its case, a picture of his sons popped out of the case. Alison picked up the picture from the floor and looked at it. Hayden was holding his little brother Mike next to him, both were smiling.
“Awe.” She said wishing she had two little ones to fuss over.
“I should get an up dated picture done. Mike is nearly five.” He smiled.
“I can’t believe how big they are. When I saw Mike last week I was so surprised.”
Chad tucked the picture into his pocket, he gave Alison a confused look.
“You saw him?” he asked.
Alison nodded then proceeded to tell him how she ran into Rose at a boutique in New York. She wanted to leave out the bits and pieces about Rose’s threats but she decided she would let him know about that as well. Chad didn’t say anything he just flashed her an uneasy smile. He took the picture from her and shoved it deep within a hidden pocket of his guitar case then latched it shut. Alison took a seat on the edge of his bed looking around at his messy room.
He had clothing lying along the floor next to the bed, socks shoved into tennis shoes and towels piling up in a corner by the television. How he ended up with a television she didn’t know.  She felt something weighting on her that she had been thinking about for a long time. Chad must have noticed this as well because he looked at her strangely.
“What’s on your mind?” he asked taking a seat next to her.
“I have a hypothetical question.” She said feeling the weight of her question pushing down on her.
It wasn’t that his opinion or feelings mattered to her, it was the friendship that she cared about. It was very important to her; it was what drove her to do something that was right, at least for her.
“Shoot.”  He said with a hint of a New York accent, almost sounding like Simon.
She swallowed hard; her stomach was now turning into knots. She was more nervous than hungry now. 
“If something were to happen between Simon and I, would that harm our friendship?  Or, perhaps your relationship with Simon?”
Alison lifted her gaze from her hands to his blank face. She felt better now that she had asked what she had been torturing herself or hours over, but from the look on his face she didn’t think he was all that pleased to hear her asking about a possible relationship with Simon.  In fact when his face lost most of its color she was pretty sure that she had asked the wrong question. This made her more nervous than anything, her fingers shot into her hair and immediately began to twirl strands around.
“Is there something going on?”
“What part of hypothetical didn’t you get?” she hissed.
“Ali I just think it is weird you asking me about Simon when I have been questioning you about him since we arrived.”
“I am just asking, I mean he’s single and I’m single. You put the idea in my mind with all your questions.”
Alison’s hands began to shake, this was a lot harder then she had anticipated. Chad stood up from where he was sitting, his hands where balled up into fists. He’s face twisted into that of irritation and frustration at the same time. She swallowed hard.
“Are you ever going to forgive me?”
“I told you I can’t go backwards.” She whispered meaning it.
Forgiving him was one thing and becoming friends with him was quite another but starting over in a new relationship with him was completely out of the question. Especially since she wasn’t sure who to believe his wife Rose or him! To top that off she had a nosey reporter Tom calling her and practically begging her to give him an interview. Even if she wanted to she couldn’t not with the code she had sworn to with the band.
Chad moved across the room and began to pace in front of her. His hands were deep inside his pockets and he was biting his bottom lip. Alison couldn’t help but to bit the inside of her cheek he was making her nervous. She felt like she had just revealed to him she was having a baby or something. With her breath held tight inside of her chest she watched him stop pacing and turn to face her. His face was unreadable, and then he took a deep breath and walked towards the door. 
“I will see you later, I have some things I have to do.” He said opening the door.
Alison nodded then took her leave out of the room. She wasn’t sure what he was thinking or feeling but she was pretty sure he didn’t like the idea of her with Simon. Too bad that wasn’t his choice. The only thing she was sure about was she wouldn’t be the one to break up Man Of Mystery. If something were to continue with they would have to do it behind closed doors.
 Alison grabbed a bit to eat at a small cafĂ© nestled between a bread shop and a flower shop. She watched people walking by wearing strange looking hats, that she absolutely adored heading to the church at the end of the street. Alison took a sip of her water feeling the heat of the day bear down on her like an overwhelming rain. It was nice to see people not in cars but running around on bicycles or on foot heading to church or to small shops like the pastry shop in front of her.
She crossed her legs watching a man with the most unusual mustache cross the street when she noticed Simon heading in her direction. Immediately and most annoyingly she sat up and sucked in her stomach. She pulled back her shoulders straightening her back as much as she could do comfortably then smiled when they made eye contact.
He had taken out his black gauges, the small round holes had shrunk slightly but she could still see through them. His dark brown hair had grown out a little but not much so the only thing he was able to do with it was spike it along his head. He was wearing a Young and Reckless tee shirt with some baggy jeans. A chain connected from his belt loop to his wallet in his back pocket, the pant legs of his pants hung low on his white Adidas.
He smiled back at her taking a seat next to her at the small round table she was sitting at. He leaned forward with his arms resting on the table folded in front of him. He looked around once then turned his attention towards her. This was the first time since they had kissed they had been alone together out in public. It felt kind of like a blind date.
“So hanging out?” he said looking at her with soft brown eyes.
She noticed he ran his eyes down the length of her body. Alison couldn’t help but blush, and then turned her head away so quickly she had developed a cramp on the side of her neck. She kept it to herself only because she didn’t want to show her age.
“I just finished lunch, well about an hour and half ago.” She smiled.
“I just finished lunch myself.”
When did their conversations become so awkward and silly? She wondered. Simon slowly moved one of his arms closer to her placing his hand on top of hers.
“Do you wanna go for a walk?” he winked.
Butterflies began swarming around inside of her stomach, she nodded a little too eagerly then she had wanted. When he stood up she almost jumped out of her seat. Simon was sweet and didn’t laugh at her; in fact he did something she didn’t expect. He reached for his wallet and paid her bill and left behind a rather large tip. She tired thanking him but he held his hand up then reached out for hers and led her along the stony street around the corner.
Once he was sure they were along he pressed her back against the stone wall and held her there by placing his hands on her shoulders. She licked her lips in anticipation.
“It was really good waking up to you this morning.” He smiled moving in closer to her lips.
She took a deep breath and hoped she hadn’t developed nasty smelling breath while she was eating. Simon continued to move closer to her his lips almost brushing hers.
“I would like to wake up to you ever morning.” He whispered.
She felt overwhelmed but she nodded. She too had been amazed at how wonderful it was to wake up to him, and how excited she had been when he woke up. When she finally kissed him that morning she practically butted teeth with him she couldn’t contain her excitement. Where had all this come from? She thought.
“I would like that.” She rushed out pushing her head off the wall and closing the gap between them.
Simon ran his hands along the side of her face and into her hair. Her hands ran up the length of his back pressing him against her, she could feel his breath rushing along the side of her neck as he began to drag his lips along the curve of her neck and along her shoulder. His hands ran along the length of her thighs then back up around her waist towards her back following the curve. His lips hungrily found hers pushing passed her open mouth with his tongue. She almost couldn’t catch her breath.
“Oh Simon please don’t tease me.” She whispered with a rushed breath.
“I’m not teasing.” He kissed the side of her face then leaned in with his lips close to her ear. “Come back with me to my room.”
She waited with baited breath for him pull his head back so she could look him in the eyes. She nodded stiffly; her heart was hammering inside of her throat. Simon kissed her lips again gently then took her by the hand and led her along the street back to the bed and breakfast. Her feet couldn’t carry her fast enough down the road and along the hallway back to his room. The sky was starting to dim by the time they managed to get in front of his door. By then she couldn’t handle herself she pushed him against the door before he could open it pressing her lips eagerly against his. His hand ran up her shirt along the bare skin of her stomach and up along her back under her bra strap. She reached with both hands inside of his jean pockets fishing for his keys when they both stiffened. She wasn’t sure until she heard it a second time that someone cleared their throat beside them.
Simon was the first to see who had cleared his throat. Whoever it was caused him to curse under his breath, only she could make out what he said. Slowly Alison turned her head removing herself from Simon’s embrace. Chad was looking at both of them with his jaw clenched and his hands shoved deep into his pockets.
“Hypothetical?” he hissed at Alison.
She took a deep breath and tried to reason with him but he seemed to be too upset. It was too much when he said a few choice words to Simon. This caused Alison to throw herself in front of the speeding bus.
“I’m sorry did I miss the part where I have to explain to you everything that I do?” she hissed.
“At least have the decency to admit it to me!”
“Chad look man I did tell you..”
“Not you Simon her!”
“I would have if I thought I owed you an admission!”
“I don’t think that what I did deserves this kind treatment!”
“Hey let’s just sit down and talk about this.” Simon held his hands up in defense.
“I have nothing to talk about Simon.” Alison spat. “I am a grown ass woman who doesn’t owe anyone any kind of explanation Chad. If I want to do anything with Simon I really don’t think I need you or anyone else’s permission.”
With that Alison darted off to her hotel room. She needed to pack anyway, and since she was more than pissed off at Chad packing would do her some good.