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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bonus 3.17 Tangled Web (working title)

Emily hopped on one foot shoving on a high heel on the other. She was late. The wedding would start without her, and somehow that was ok. She blew some hair pushing loose strands of hair away from her eyes. As she hopped on the other foot so she could put on the other high heel she hoped like hell she wouldn’t step on the hem of her dress. Ripping it would be detrimental and life threatening. Gloria would have her head on a platter if she ripped her bride’s maid dress. With a heavy sigh she made her way out of the small dressing room to join the rest of the girls who were waiting for her. The day was perfect. The sky was the bluest of blues and there wasn’t a cloud in sight. The best part was the gentle breeze. Eva adjusted her strapless bra one more time before giving the maid of honor a smile. Gloria was hidden behind her massive veil. It was a good thing she had her eyes closed and was doing her yoga breathing exercises. Gloria never did well with stress and today she was on high alert.
The music began and the girls began their march down the carpet of rose petals. Emily took the arm of the groomsman named Peter. He was tall and lean with red hair. Single as Gloria had made sure to mention. He was sweet during the rehearsal. Eva had a good time becoming friends with him in the weeks leading up the wedding, but that was all he seemed to be to her. Emily wasn’t actively looking for someone, not with having to take care of her ill father.  Peter however seemed to be looking and that made it awkward. As soon as they arrived at the alter they separated to their respective corners. Then the music changed and Gloria made her debut.
After the wedding the reception took off in fully swing. Round tables decorated in long stemmed roses and stings of pearls dotted around the ballroom inside the hotel they had booked for the night. Steamers of twinkling lights draped lazily above from live tree to tree, brought in just for the night, giving the feel of romance. A full band played tunes from Kings Of Leon, Gloria’s favorite band. Waiters dressed in black walked around with silver trays carrying champaign. Emily sat at her table watching the dancers on the smooth makeshift dance floor while drinking her delicious champaign. She wasn’t much of a dancer and it was best to keep a low profile while Peter was out looking for his wolf. She giggled at her own joke.
“Mind if I join you?”
Emily turned to the smiling face next to her. At first her heart stilled her chest as she struggled to find her breath. The man smiling at her introduced himself as Emmett McFadden. His brown eyes were sparkling like the twinkling lights above. 
“I'm Emily Bennett” She beamed. Manners kicked in at the start of heart picking back up. She patted the seat next to her asking him to sit down. He obliged stretching his long legs out in front of him. Her eyes did a quick scan to his left hand glad to see he wasn’t wearing a ring. She noticed him turning his head just as his cheeks bore the hint of pink.  
“I see from you’re dress you are friends with the bride.” He smiled.
“Captain obvious.” She giggled.  
Emmett rubbed his hand along the length of his jaw. He stared intently at the water glass in front of him. Emily began to ramble. It was something she did when she was nervous. He filled in the silence talking about his relationship with Greg, Gloria's new husband. Emily listened intently. Asking questions when it seemed appropriate, even making fun of him at the right time. She wasn't sure what he job was but she discovered he had worked on a project Greg had directed called. "The Rise and Fall of Napoleon," staring Jonny Lee Miller. He won an Oscar as did Greg, and the picture had made more then double what Universal had expected. Having known Greg since college Emily didn't ask what Emmett's role had been in the movie. She was used to guys trying to hit on her making their role in the movie business a lot more important that they really were.   
The band broke for a small break getting a small moan from the crowd. Emmet waved a hand to a waiter for a glass of champaign, and then asked her how she knew Gloria. She told him since college, she had been then one to introduce Greg to Gloria. Emmett smiled, it did things to her flutter heart that she couldn’t describe.
She coughed a couple of times. Cursing herself for not taking her antibiotics for her cold yet. Emmett noticed asking her if she need any water for her cough.
She shook her head. “I have an ear infection.” She smiled at his look of dismay. “Don’t worry I’m on antibiotics and I’m not contagious.”
He laughed with her while the band changed songs to something a little more romantic. A song by John Mayer that Emily couldn’t remember the name of. Emmett smiled as he leaned in closer to her as though he had some kind of secret to tell her. 
"I was hoping you would do me a favor?"
"You and I just met I don't think we have gotten close to the favor part of our relationship." 
He laughed at her lame excuse for a joke. She liked he pretended she was funny so she asked him to go on with his favor. 
"See those girls behind us?"
Casually she looked behind her noticing four girls all watching her and Emmett with narrowed eyes. Each one of them looked no older then seventeen. She smiled then turned back to a worried looking Emmett. 
"I over heard the girls betting on who would kiss me first." he flinched as though he had been slapped. "Keep me company tonight so I don't have to worry about a parent wanting to press charges." 
Emily tried very hard not to laugh, in fact she had to press her lips together. For pick up lines she had to give him points for coming up with something original. Good thing for him she liked talking to him, it was easy and effortless. 
"What is the first thing you want to do?" 
"Wanna dance?" he tilted his head out to the dance floor. 
Emily nodded, and Emmett  reached out his large hand for her to take. She blushed as she looked up at him through her eyelashes. It was like something out of her teenage prom dream wish book. She took his hand then followed him out to the dance floor. Emmett gripped her close to his warm body. His lips brushed against the top of her ear. He smelled so good, like Downy and expensive cologne. She liked the way her body bent with his. The amount of pressure from his hand against the small of her back felt natural. The warmth from his body that poured over her felt comforting like that of her favorite blanket. There was an unspoken connection going on that felt like nothing either had felt before. Emily couldn’t look at Emmett while she experienced the pull of their connection. The thought of him not feeling the connection along with her was too much to bear.
“Why are you so quite?” he asked.
Eva closed her eyes as she tried to sill her frantic beating heart. Feeling it was no use blamed having his lean body pressed against hers as the reason. 
“I am not sure what to talk about.” She laughed. 
He raised an eyebrow. “Oh that is not true, it is so easy to talk to you I'm sure that we can do better that laugh. He laughed. "What do you do for a living?" she heard nothing but laughter in his voice.
"I am a legal assistant at Goldberg and Hoffman."
"Wow, that is a major law firm." he smiled sweetly at her. His teeth were so shiny she was sure she could fix her make up in them. “Can I tell you something?” he tilted his head to the side. A lopsided smile pulled at his full lips.
She shrugged her shoulders unable to make a sentence for the first time. Emmett looked away towards the band. The music was soft and sultry. It was easy to get lost in the melody. The lead singer sang of loving someone but while they were together he dreamed of getting out. The singer sounded so identical to the real lead singer of Kings of Leon. If Emily closed her eyes she wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference. It made Emily think of her ex-boyfriend James. She remembered the way his face hung when she dropped him off at the airport so he could leave to Canada. He had just dropped the bomb on her one day that he was going to move to Canada. It broke her heart that he didn’t even ask her if she wanted to go.
Emmett slid his hand up the small of Emily's back.
Nevermind.” He laughed. She managed to notice his cheeks turning a light red under the dim light.
Emily’s face cracked into a smile. She watched his face with curiosity trying to figure out what he was thinking. She could see the shyness on his face but behind his eyes she saw a little mischievous.
“Tell me.” She smiled. They had shared so much together in such a short amount of time. The conversation just flowed between them as though they had been close friends all of their lives. She couldn’t imagine he wasn’t able to talk to her now. She giggled at the sight of him biting his lip. 
He shrugged his shoulders as he leaned in closer to her. “I am not sure I should ask.” He chuckled.
“What do you want to ask?” she raised a freshly plucked eyebrow.
He signed, a sign he was giving in. “Do you have a boyfriend?”
She shook her head; it was her turn to blush. She felt the pull between them but denied it. There was something so strong happening between the two of them. Being so close to him like this Emily was having a hard time not wanting to kiss him. He leaned in closer to her. The strong expensive cologne filled her lungs. It lured her into the space between his neck and shoulder so she could get a better whiff.
Finding her voice she said. “Why do you want to know?”
“I was just wondering.” He blushed.  
To keep from blushing herself, Emily chewed on her bottom lip and turned her head. She watched other dancers on the dance floor as they elegantly twirled around the dance floor. All the while she wondered if she and Emily looked just as elegant.
“I wanna get out of here.” He titled his head to the doors leading out of the ballroom behind them..
“I have a room upstairs.” She said as though she was making light conversation. Both of them knew the implications of her having a room and her offering the room up. 
Emmet stopped dancing so he could look at her closely. He asked her if she was sure she wanted to spend the night with him. Emily thought about it. Spending a night with a man she barely knew was something she never did. Still, this might be her only chance to be wild and live. Something she hasn't been able to do since taking in her dad after had his stroke over a year ago. She cleared her mind and shook her head. The band finished the song they were dancing too and started a new one while Emmett and Emily took to the cover of the back of the room as they made their way to her room.
 She blushed as he allowed her to enter first. Normally Emily had relationships. This was a one night stand she was about to have and she was nervous. James was the last man that she had been with, and she wasn’t exactly experienced. James was only one of two partners she had had all of her life. She hoped she wouldn’t let Emmett down.  
Once inside, Emmett pushed her back against the wall covering her mouth with his. His hands were soft and demanding while kneading her curves. The zipper of her dress didn’t put up a fight as he pulled it down and pushed the chiffon dress away from her body.  Heat rippled on her skin as his hands hugged her curves. She wrapped her arms around his neck fisting his hair. His greedy tongue danced deliciously with hers making him moan in her mouth. Eva wrapped her leg around his thigh, hinting he should take her now. He delighted her by slowly running his large soft hand up her thigh. Gently he led her to the bed behind them. Her head swam from the kissing and the feel of his body next to hers. The alcohol she drank seemed to keep her ever present rational mind at bay.
 Her body vibrated with excitement as she watched him unbutton his shirt and pull it off of his hard lean body. Then he pulled her leg up towards his mouth. He started kissing her ankle making his way down her leg. His strong lips sucked the skin around her knee, in between kissing her. His skin felt hot against hers. Liquid began to pool between her legs. She was practically begging for him to take her. It was almost annoying that he was taking his time. His kisses were alternated with licks below her navel. Lower still his hands followed the path of his lips until reaching the apex of her thighs. She thanked her lucky stars she decided to wax at the spa before the wedding. Emmett made his way delicately into her folds. Using only his tongue at first and then drafting the use of his fingers. Eva’s body cracked under the pressure. His hand continued to help her climb while his mouth journeyed towards her breast. Her skin vibrated and heated to the point she thought she was going to melt. Soft erupts of moans came from her mouth. Emmett encouraged her, egged her on even.
“You’re so beautiful Emily.” He rasped.
Taking the cue from his sexy hoarse voice her body snapped. She fell and swirled from the passion of her release. After he hovered above her with a satisfied smile stretched along his face. Her breath rushed in and out of her body, and her heart pounding against her rib cage. Her whole body craved him. His fierce brown eyes met hers and locked. With a single look he managed to make her want him even more. She hadn’t had enough and she needed him. The connection of his body so close to hers was almost too much.  He was so sexy and everything she had dreamed a man like him would be, only better because he was real.
“Please Emmett.” She begged.
“Mmm, Emily.” He breathed in her ear.
Then a string of curses came from his lips.  Hearing it sounded as though a record skipped inside Emily’s head.
“What’s wrong?” she panted.
Emmett's sheepishly looked at her with sad eyes. “I don’t have a condom.”
Emily’s mouth formed a perfect O. She could see the muscles in his jaw twitch. She had known this man maybe for three hours tops. She didn't know anything about him, except she liked talking to him and he made her feel so good. Wanting to be wild for one night in her life, and knowing she was never going to see him again, she took a deep breath.
“I’m on birth control.” she whispered.
A lopsided grin formed on his beautiful face. “Thank goodness.” he kissed the side of her face then pressed his mouth against hers.

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