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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Julian and Lilly 3:9

Julian sat on Lily's couch with his head in his hands. He had been like that going on two hours since they arrived back from Glen's house. He was far being mad at Lilly, in fact he was actually quite proud of her for shooting Glen. The thing that bothered him, now were his fangs. Often, as he explained, when he was around Lilly during stressful moments his fangs suddenly and embarrassingly appeared. Even though he wasn't hungry, which being an original actually gave him control Lilly could only imagine having. So why did his fangs pop out? 
One very embarrassing hot day after wrestling around on the ground for what felt like hours, his fangs had grown incredibly long. Lilly noticed and upon seeing them she laid still beneath him. The vampire in her was ready to act out in self defense, but as his friend she remained still. The instinct to bite him was very hard to over come, especially with her arms pinned at her side and his solid form holding her down. She was at his mercy and she didn't like it. Without breathing, she had watched as his warm brown eyes transformed to charcoal black. His face just inches from her neck, while his hot breath soothed her skin. Almost as suddenly as his teeth had appeared did he disappear. What alarmed Lilly the most was the coolness she felt where his body had once been. 
"Can I get you some blood?" she offered, finally saying something to him since they had arrived. 
Slowly, with his face still hidden behind his hands, he shook his head. "I have to tell you something, but promise me you won't be frightened." 
Lilly swallowed hard but she trusted Julian so she sat down next to him. Waiting for him to explain whatever he needed to get off of his chest. Julian frightened Lilly when he raised his head up to look at her. Both of his eyes were the color of a midnight starless sky. There she found light being absorbed, but she also saw sorrow in his eyes. His fangs were once again passed his chin, his lips were barely capable of shutting. She wondered if this was how he looked when he fed, but the idea was shot down as she remembered Graham looking nothing of the sort when he would feed. 
Julian cleared his throat but when he began to speak his voice sounded hoarse and dry, so he cleared it again. "I'm sorry." he was embarrassed. She had only seen Julian as a strong warrior with no weaknesses. The sight of him now was sobering. The Julian she was used to took charge of a situation, with a natural leadership. The sight of him was a bit refreshing, it meant he was obtainable. 
Lilly enjoyed spending time with Julian, even with his stiff upper lip mentality. However, this side of him made her heart quicken in her chest, a feeling she had all but forgotten since she had been a human.  
"You see." he sounded very much like a man with a lisp. Apparently, Julian was not used to having weaknesses, judging by the sadden look in his eyes. 
"This has never happened to me before." 
"Why has it happened now? Why all the sudden?" 
Julian shrugged, then swallowed very hard. She watched mesmerized as his Adam's apple bobbed in his throat. His black eyes then averted her gaze, taking interest in a figurine to his right. 
"This is instinctual." 
"For what? Danger? You think I am going to harm you?" she asked tilting her head to the side. 
She knew she looked very much like he did when he was lecturing her. Since taking over her training while Graham was locked up in France, Julian had often titled his head in a similar fashion often to illustrate his point. 
"I was talking to my mother the other day about this." he flew his hand around his mouth like he was a model on the Price Is Right show. "She said she knew what this was." 
"Oh?" Lilly's curiousness was peaked. Perhaps there was some kind of illness that Lilly needed to protect herself from. As as a human she had battled horrible diabetes, almost dying from it, now with her second chance she wasn't about to throw it all away. She wanted to know precautions and how to prevent it. Could vampires take vitamin C? 
"I think that it might be wise for us to not see each other for a couple of days." he said softy. 
The idea of not seeing him made her heart still in her chest. A new feeling of loneliness crept inside of her. Julian had become her best friend, beating out her human best friend Carrie, whom she still kept in contact with. She shook her head. "There has to be another option, I'm sure we can get through this." she pulled his hand into hers in a vice like grip. 
He narrowed his black eyes at their conjoined hands, but he didn't take his away. Instead he moved closer to her, not satisfied with how close he was to her he pulled her on to his lap. Lilly was surprised by the intimacy but refused to pull away.
"We, can't." he paused as though he were searching for the right words. "Gram is.."
"Your best friend." she finished for him and he looked up at her again. This time she didn't find his black eyes unnerving  instead she found herself drawn to him.   
"My instincts are to mate with you." he said as though it pained him to do so.
For a moment or so Lilly didn't say anything, and when she finally did all she could muster was, "Oh."
"My mother says that this might not ever go away until I mate with you but I can't you see."
She nodded, again not having anything to say. Her arms mindlessly wrapped around his neck, one of her hands running softly down the length of his neck. 
"Instincts are not choices." She finally uttered though she didn't know where that came from. "You can't fight them." she pointed out. 
He nodded. "Do you want to.." he stopped himself by shaking his head. "It doesn't matter we can't as I am sure you have already mated with Graham and." he stood after removing her from his lap. 
She blinked and he was at the front door getting ready to open it. "I haven't mated with Graham." she remembered the pain she had felt each time she begged him to mate with her and he had refused. At the time she hadn't felt some kind of pull towards him the way Julian was being pulled to her. She had wanted to mate with him only to assure herself he wanted her and not Queen Amanda. 
"We should stay away from one another anyway." he said with a low growl inside of his chest. She knew his body was not agreeing with his choice. 
"I will see you this weekend at your mother's party?" her voice cracked. It took everything in her not to move from her spot, despite the need she felt pulling her to be near him. 
"Lilly, I have to go. Perhaps we shall see each other then. If not I am sure we will see each other on our next assignment." 
Before Lilly could ask him if he was still going to be her teacher he was gone. He had left behind an empty feeling with her. If she had been the human she once was, Lilly would have begun to cry. Instead she pulled herself up off of the couch and headed towards her kitchen. The only way she was going to feel better, whatever she was feeling right now, was to feed. In a flash she left her cozy house and disappeared into the woods, she would reflect later on if she felt anything, or if she wanted to feel anything. For now she needed to think about Graham, he was her master and her lover. Wasn't he?