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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Rocker

Jenna opened her eyes slowly allowing the brightness of the day bleeding through the blinds push the sleep from her body. Last night had been a little hard, she had drunken too much and she had tried to kiss Derek. To make things worse she had missed her fiance's phone call. Kyle left her a very nasty voice mail then reminded her in a clipped tones that he wasn't sure when he would be able to call her back. In order to get back to sleep she convinced herself it was just the stress of the wedding that had him in a bad mood.
She rolled out of bed very tenderly, then walked sluggishly towards the bathroom. Her head pounded, her ears rang and her mouth felt hot and sticky.
The warm water sliding down her skin did little to alleviate the pain. All she wanted after drying off and getting dressed was to swallow back some aspirin and a big bottle of water.
After swallowing three small candy sized pills the phone rang. The sound vibrated inside Jenna's skull making her teeth grind.
"Yes." she said with lack of excitement in her voice.
"Oh good you're awake." said the familiar British accent she had hoped like hell she'd never hear again.
The voice belonged to the rock star Derek Roads.
With a sigh that sounded very much like something a groupie would release Jenna said, "What do you want?"
"Oh testie! I like spunk." he chuckled.
"Please just let me know what you want so I can go lie down my head is killing me."
"I was hoping we could get a spot of tea?" he sounded as though he were holding his breath. The other end of the line was very quiet.
She bit her lip as her answer churned over in her head. If she went out again then she might miss another call from Kyle. Perhaps she should miss his phone call again, after all he yelled at her as though she were some kind of child not the woman he was going to marry. She bit her lip harder but the pain was far from her mind, then the voice sounding very small and mousy said, "Where do you want to meet."