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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Molly 7:3

Molly pulled up to her mom’s house about an hour after she sent her boss an email letting him know she was sending the manuscripts back to him, fully edited. He rewarded her with news she was to receive three more manuscripts in a couple of days. Molly welcomed the mental distraction, and as she sat in her car looking at her mom’s red front door she wished she had a physical distraction. At least she could have thought to bring flowers or some kind of giant teddy bear to distract her mom. Sadly she hadn’t thought to do any of that until she was parked on the street in front of the house. She knew deep down her mom was looking out the window at Molly’s car wondering why she was just sitting there. The words were in Molly’s mind, she had played the scenario out in her mind how she wanted things to go. When she was in high school she had had this teacher who told her to visualize how she wanted an outcome to happen. If she visualized it enough then she could make it happen. Up until this moment she had believed that, since she couldn’t find the faith she once had she prayed for witch powers so she could cast a spell on her mom to keep her in a pleasant mood.
Growing up as a devout Catholic, premarital sex was drilled into Molly and her sister Lilly’s heads as a big NO NO. Both of her parents weren’t stupid however, they knew once Molly and Lilly had gone off to college they would have sex, they just hoped the girls were using protection. Molly knew she did. Lilly married, in a white dress Molly for sure knew would burst into flames the moment Lilly walked into the church, as virginal as Madonna herself. Once Lilly became pregnant with her first child it was a celebrated event.  Something Molly was sure was not going to happen when she admitted to her mom she was pregnant.
Worse than that she was afraid of what her father might say to her. Granted the man didn’t say much as it was, he would have something to say about this. He might not look at her the same anymore. Molly had been such a prude growing up and managed to keep the false pretense all throughout college. Even as a thirty two year old woman she appeared to be the good girl they had raised. She and Andy never moved in together. Molly never “stayed” the night at Andy’s house, or so her parents thought, and vice versa. Going in her parent’s house now and telling them she was pregnant would not only be horrible but she would be admitting to her parents she was not a virgin.
With a deep breath and one quick “You can do this, “ she made her way out of the car and to the front door. It opened before she even took her foot off the front step of the stairs leading up to the porch.
‘Is something the matter?”
“Why would you think that?” she smiled sweetly at her worried stricken mother.
Her mom shook her head. “Molly you were sitting in that car for over fifteen minutes. Has something happened to Andy?”
“No.” she fought the urge to roll her eyes.
Her mom clutched the tiny cross hanging around her neck, “Something happen to your sister.”
“Ugh no mom, nothing bad has happened to anyone.”
“Are you having financial troubles?”
“Can I come inside it is cold?” Molly pointed out. She didn’t want her neighbors to hear the gossip her mom was sure to tell them all about in church.
“Molly you tell me why you are here, why you were sitting in your car for fifteen minutes and why are you selling your condo?” she hissed.
“Mom, really can we go inside?”
“Molly.” She said through gritted teeth.
With a shrug of her shoulders she said, “ I wanted to do this inside but whatever have your way. I’m pregnant, I am selling my condo because I need a bigger place. Now can I come inside it is freezing and I need to repeat this to dad.”
Her mother just gaped at her like a fish flopping around on the deck. Molly moved passed her into the warm house. “Dad!” she yelled.
“Back here!” he yelled back. “In the study.”
Molly darted around the wall separating the formal dining room and the living room. Her mom and step dad hadn’t updated the house since she had left for college some eight years ago. The walls were still covered with flowered wallpaper and wainscoting. The carpet was still an immaculately clean beige carpet and the same white furniture.  Molly had always been so clumsy with her food that she was never allowed to have food or drinks in the living room. The family room was still covered with wooden floors, thick blue drapes and soft yellow furniture and the walls covered with picture after picture of Molly and her sister and the whole family. The only new feature was the flat screen television Molly’s dad had finally purchased after the original family TV of twenty years had finally died.
“Molly honey.” Her dad said poking his head out of the study. “What is taking you so long to get in here and give your old man a hug.” He said lovingly.
“Your daughter is with child. “ Her mom said grimly behind her.
Patrick looked from behind Molly at his wife then back to Molly. His face impassive and hard to read, making Molly take firm root where she stopped.
“Molly honey you’re not married so I know this has to be some kind of mistake.” He said softly.
“A mistake sure, one that I tried to prevent.” She said defensively.
“You should have been abstinent.” Her mom hissed.
“Karen.” Patrick gently scolded his wife. “You know the kids now days have no more self-control then you and I do.” 
Karen through her hands into the air. “You and I never had a child out of wed lock.” She pointed out. Her small hands running through her long brown hair speckled with strands of gray. One hand fell once finding the ends of her hair while the other reach to her neck taking the tiny cross between her fingers. “Molly, please tell me that you and Andy are getting married.”
Molly flopped down on the couch feeling ever so much the horrible child of the year. “Nope. In fact he never wants to see me again.”
Karen stomped her foot and pointed her short slender finger at Molly. “You see this is why you don’t give the milk away for free!” she yelled.
Molly closed her eyes; it was time to find her happy place.

“I can’t believe you told mom and dad while I wasn’t here.” Lilly shook her head in disbelief. “I would have loved to have seen mom’s face when you announced you were having a baby.”
Just then a small blonde child with large blue eyes peered around the corner of the kitchen looking around. Her hands gripped the corner of the wall as her eyes grew bigger when she and her mom made eye contact.
“You are supposed to be upstairs taking a nap Holly.” Lilly scolded with a firm voice.
Holly lowered her eyes from her mom’s face as she made an about face and marched down the hallway back up the stairs. Lilly and Molly both waited with baited breath until they heard the small pounding of foots steps fade away above their heads.
“That girl is going to cause me to go grey before I know it.” She hissed.
Molly pressed her lips together to keep from laughing. Her sister didn’t notice for she was grabbing the milk to pour in her cup of steaming tea. Molly lifted hers to her lips as a thought of her child behaving the way her niece just had flipped around in her mind.

“Your baby will be worse than that I can assure you.” Lilly murmured as though she had read Molly’s mind. “So.” she said looking up from her cup of tea and straight at Holly. “When are we checking out your new house?”