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Monday, October 14, 2013


In the morning Laurie made herself run a few blocks, one to really wear herself out and two to keep her from having any incidents such as last night. She found in college if she exercised she managed to not have glowing hands, so she jogged and became extremely fit because of it. She had often thought about playing sports in school but that meant getting to know someone and she was afraid of that. It wasn’t as though Laurie didn’t want friends, she was just afraid they wouldn’t be her friend for long. Especially after they found out what she did her senior year of high school, no she wasn’t going to think about it.
As she rounded a corner to head back home she pulled her ear buds from her ears noticing John’s black Land Rover sitting in front of her house. She wanted to slap her palm against her forehead, how had she forgotten he said he would come by early to take her to her car back at the school.
“Hey.” She breathed heavily as she approached him.
She watched his breath fog in front of his mouth lingering for a moment before it faded into nothing. The corners of his mouth curled up into a smile once she stood was in front of him, not in a threatening manner more in a sweet caring way. She wanted more than anything to close her eyes and just focus on that smile. It was the kind of smile that men gave girls they had feelings for, or so she imagined. Laurie had seen a boys give girls that smile right before they kissed. With a heavy sign and a silent wish that she was normal, Laurie returned a small smile to John.
“You ready?” he asked.
Laurie’s smile almost faded but his smile was just as it was when she approached her. His violet eyes were locked with hers as she stood there almost dumbfounded.
“Laurie?” he said breaking her away from her little fantasy.
“I’m sorry, I um..yeah let me just grab a bottled water.” She shyly pushed a lock of loose hair from her pony tail behind her ear.
She headed inside her house, her breath had escaped her she hadn’t realized she was holding her breath while she was talking to John. She didn’t realize either that her heart was pounding harder than when she was jogging.
After she grabbed her bottle of water she locked up and joined John in his car. Inside it smelled strongly like lavender and vanilla, two of Laurie’s favorite scents. It was odd how refreshing and homey it felt just being in his car. Laurie watched the landscape outside pass by as he drove what seemed like too fast to her liking but she wasn’t worried. She managed to take a few deep breaths and felt relieved her hands didn’t turn bright orange burning off her gloves.
“You like jogging?” he asked breaking the pleasant silence.
She nodded. “I do, it is refreshing.” She smiled.
Laurie watched John turn the steering wheel as he made a right turn on to a small alley like cobblestone road. The car vibrated from the under uneven road, which was a little funny how it tickled her skin.
“What do you like most about jogging?” he asked once again breaking her from her thoughts.
Laurie bit her bottom lip giving this question a good thought. There were many reasons why she loved to run; often she compared it to flying. Which she loved, she loved to fly and whished like crazy that she could spread her arms out and glide through the sky.
“I like the freedom of it, the way the wind whooshes passed you as you speed through the air.” She finally answered.
“I like running too.” He smiled pulling into a parking space near a cafĂ©.
“This isn’t the parking lot at the school.”
“I know.” He flashed the same smile he had when she first saw him at her house.
“I’m not hungry.” 
John sucked his teeth in disappointment shaking his head further demonstrating how disappointed he was. Laurie began feel a little nervous but it was a nervous she had felt before and that was anticipation. Being with a man, one whom she had several conversations with and shared a likeness for history. She didn’t know how to carry on conversations with him outside of work, she wasn’t sure what questions were permitted to ask and which ones would be considered too much. Laurie watched the people outside the car window drinking their small cups of coffee sitting at round metal tables. There were waiters wearing white button up shirts and black slacks running around in multiple directions placing drinks and food in front of those sitting at these small tables. Seeping through the window of the car was the soft fragrance of ground coffee beans, she like that smell even if she didn’t like coffee and in that instant she wanted a tea.
“I suppose a cup of tea wouldn’t hurt.” She smiled turning her head back to John.
“Good.” He smiled back.
Laurie reached to open the door, not noticing he had managed to get out of his seat belt and open her door before she could unhook her own seat belt. Embarrassed she looked up into his violet eyes and felt her hands starting to warm. The smell of burnt fabric began to fill the air, and Laurie was afraid. She wanted to look down but she couldn’t she had to make sure that John’s eyes didn’t notice her hands were either turning orange or glowing white.

In an instant she saw that his smile fell, he must have seen the fear in her eyes. His own eyes darted to her hands following her direction to her lap.